Protecting The Futures Of Individuals Charged With DUI

DUI and DWI charges are quite common, yet they can affect every aspect of your life. From your reputation to your financial well-being, a conviction on a DWI or DUI charge could affect the rest of your life. Here at the Law Office of Roland J. Garcia in San Antonio, we understand the tolls these charges can take on individuals. We dedicate ourselves to representing those facing drunk driving charges and working hard to protect their rights and preserve their futures.

Whether you have been charged with a DUI misdemeanor, DWI first offense or are struggling after a license suspension, attorney Roland J. Garcia can help. With hard work and an aggressive dedication to justice, Mr. Garcia will work to reduce or eliminate DUI and DWI charges.

Common Drunk Driving Concerns

Many clients want to know how a DUI or DWI charge will affect their ability to drive. This is a common concern that we address all the time. With the help of our attorney, the impact your Texas DUI charge will have on your future ability to drive may be reduced, as a successful DUI conviction hinges on an abundance of evidence and scientific data. Through a thorough examination of this evidence, attorney Garcia can identify areas of potential error and challenge the cases against his clients with powerful DUI defenses.

You do not have to face a DUI or DWI charge alone. To understand your rights and receive the defense you need, you can call us at 210-802-6381 or email our office to schedule your initial consultation.

Understand Your Rights

Even after a DUI or DWI arrest, you still have rights. Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that their rights are somehow stripped from them after their arrests. This is not true, but it is a commonly made, yet costly, mistake. For help understanding your rights and to gain an advocate to fight for them, you can turn to our attorney. Mr. Garcia is a lawyer with the skills and experience necessary to provide clients with exceptional legal advice as they face their DUI or DWI charges.