An Experienced Defender Ready To Fight For The Rights Of The Accused

The Law Office of Roland J. Garcia, located in San Antonio, provides the area with reliable and aggressive criminal law representation. Dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused, attorney Roland J. Garcia works tirelessly to provide his clients with top-notch legal counsel and solutions that work.

San Antonio residents know that when it comes to aggressively defending their rights, Mr. Garcia has built his practice on fighting for justice of the accused. No matter what criminal charge you are facing, whether an assault charge, DUI or DWI charge, or Drug charges, Mr. Garcia is a lawyer you can trust. Experienced in all areas of criminal law, attorney Garcia will give your case a comprehensive and thorough examination and offer you practical and honest legal advice.

To best serve our clients, Mr. Garcia uses a combination of tenacity, passion and dedication to protect his clients from injustices and defend their rights. His knowledge and experience makes him an effective and influential advocate for those accused of serious crimes.

If you are in the San Antonio or surrounding area and seeking representation for a criminal charge, you can email the office or call at 210-802-6381 to schedule your consultation.

Knowledgeable In All Areas Of Criminal Law

Roland J. Garcia started his practice dedicated to defending the rights of those accused. During his years of practice, he has never waived from this. He has never worked as a prosecutor and has never worked to take away the freedom of any citizen. Mr. Garcia made it his mission to offer Texas residents high-quality criminal defense representation in a friendly and nonjudgmental atmosphere. He uses his vast knowledge of criminal law to provide our clients with dedicated and comprehensive defenses against a wide array of criminal charges.