Putting You Back In Control Of Your Life After A Criminal Charge

Soon after establishing his practice in San Antonio, Roland J. Garcia has became a well-known defense attorney, offering dedicated and reliable representation to individuals facing serious criminal charges in Texas. Roland J. Garcia has now extended his practice area and is representing those accused in all of Bexar County and surrounding Counties.

Attorney Roland J. Garcia is a lawyer who believes that it takes a combination of tenacity, passion and dedication to build a successful criminal defense practice. He understands that, when facing criminal charges, individuals need someone on their side, both an advocate fighting for them and a friend to understand them. Mr. Garcia is committed obtaining the best results possible for his clients by offering effective criinal defenses delivered by an attorney who is friendly and free of judgment.

To discuss your case with attorney Roland J. Garcia, email or call 210-802-6381 to schedule a consultation.

Dedicated To Serving Clients Facing Assault, Battery And Family Violence Charges

Facing assault, battery or family violence charges can be extremely difficult. At the Law Office of Roland J. Garcia, clients dealing with these allegations will receive dedicated, reliable, and proven defenses.

When facing serious criminal charges, fair treatment can seem impossible. Attorney Roland J. Garcia works tirelessly to protect the rights of clients in the San Antonio area and makes sure they receive the unbiased and fair treatment they deserve. Everyone deserves capable and dedicated legal representation, and those facing assault, battery or family violence charges, this need is even greater. Attorney Roland J. Garcia is dedicated to serving his clients by fighting for their rights and protecting them from injustices.